Cowan Global is a Strategy Consultancy blending practices from elite business and elite sport to create elite strategy. Excellence is our byword.

One of the UK’s leading strategy consultancies, based in Nottingham in the East Midlands, working locally, nationally and around the globe.

Cowan Global is a corporate strategy consultancy working with clients from a number of sectors including corporate, sport, military, charity, the police and local authorities.

Cowan Global are also charity event organisers. Company director Jim Cowan being best known for coming up with the original idea for, designing and launching the UK’s largest women’s participation event, the Race For Life.

Jim’s events have, to date, raised over £1/4 Billion for charities and good causes.

Cowan Global also design and deliver a number of workshops and seminars for both corporate and sporting audiences.

Jim has also advised and worked with the media including television with Channel Four (UK), Fox (US) and Channel 7 (Australia) and had articles published in journals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Oman and the United States.

Jim’s clients have come from around the world including Kenya, Oman, Australia, Japan, Qatar, Dubai, Florida, Portugal and….oh yes…..the UK.


Strategy Consultant;

Corporate Planning;

Staff Consultations;

Local Authority/Third Sector Consultations;

National Governing Body Consultations;

Third Sector & Charity Consultations;

Equality & Diversity Strategy;

Sport & Leisure Consultations;

Sport & Leisure Strategy;

Event Design & Management;

Performance Sport Coaching & Workshops;

Business Development Workshops

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