3 10 2012

A couple of weeks ago the government announced its 2012 Legacy Plan. You might have blinked and missed it because, it seems, only the BBC thought it worthy of reporting. This is the plan that many experts, myself included, have been calling for. So why so little coverage, why so little interest?

Initiativeitis in place of integrated strategy?

Although it is to report the supposed arrival of something I have long called out for, this will not be one of my longer blogs and, depending on your view, neither will it be one of my most interesting.

On 18th September the BBC reported; “London 2012 legacy plan published.” At last, I thought. Over seven years after our then government promised it to the world and over two years after Minister for Sport Hugh Robertson promised us that a national strategy for the development of sport existed (but could not produce it) we were finally going to have something to start seriously delivering on the promises and the sound-bites.

Only we weren’t. Reading below the headline, the ’10 point plan’ the government announced and the BBC reported on wasn’t new (or news) at all. It was a rehash of existing initiatives bundled together in an attempt to give the impression of a new plan.

Maybe I had it wrong. Surely the BBC hadn’t resorted to carrying repeats of old news as well as old TV programmes? But they had.

The reason the announcement was not considered newsworthy by most of the nation’s media is simple. It wasn’t newsworthy. All that the announcement contained was a list of existing initiatives repackaged to look like something new.

Initiativeitis continues apace. The long-promised strategy is still awaited. Nothing has changed.

© Jim Cowan, Cowan Global Limited, October 2012

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