5 12 2011

Today we are handing the Cowan Global Blog over to Cerebral Palsy Sport (or CP Sport as they are usually referred to). We love what they do and we hope you will too…….

Hello, my name is Cambell, I am 15 and I have cerebral palsy.

I am asking for your help this Christmas, and here’s why…

I remember when I was younger my disability made my life very difficult for me to do all the things normal kids do. My friends didn’t really understand me. I couldn’t join in. People were always looking at me differently. I felt inadequate.

When I was eight, I found CP Sport. They gave me a sporting chance – focusing on my ability and not my disability. With the help of their friendly and experienced coaches I learnt to swim.  With the support of my parents and CP Sport I am now swimming confidently and I am part of an elite disability swimming club, winning medals on a regular basis – it’s great!

I’ve been swimming for over seven years now but I didn’t stop there. I also gave athletics a go. In fact I was such a good runner I broke the CP Sport junior record in the 100m when I first ran in the CP Sport Athletics Championships.

Being involved with CP Sport has changed my life in other ways too. I feel healthier, happier, more confident and independent and have lots of friends – including friends with cerebral palsy. It’s great to fit in.  Now I don’t always need to explain my disability. I can just be myself.

I feel very lucky and privileged to be involved with CP Sport. However I know there are still thousands of children with cerebral palsy throughout the country who are experiencing the same problems I faced when I was younger. Children with cerebral palsy need your help now if they are to have the same sporting chances as me.

This will only be possible with your help.

Thank you.


How to help

Please make a donation on the CP Sport Big Give Christmas Challenge Project web page at 10am on any day from Monday to Friday next week and whatever you give will turn into twice as much!

It is all part of the Big Give Christmas Challenge Week 2011 – an unmissable chance for you to double the value of your donation to CP Sport this festive season, making sure more children with cerebral palsy like Cambell can enjoy the life-changing benefits of participation and competition in sport at any level.

We can only achieve our £10,000 target if you can help us to raise £5,000 in donations next week.

If you want to be sure that your donation is doubled you need to do all three of the following.

  1. Make your donation via the dedicated weblink
  2. Make your donation on any day from Monday to Friday next week (5th to 9th December)
  3. Make your donation at 10am or as close as possible after 10am because limited doubling funds are available each day and once the allocation for that day has been used, no more donations will be doubled.

It is really important to realise that if you make your donation via any other webpage or means, on any other day, or too late in the day, your donation will not be doubled.

Please visit our website for more information to ensure your donation packs the maximum punch this Christmas.

For those of you living in  the nottingham area, we will be hosting a donation station at our office, so you can come in and get some help to make your on-line donation.

If you would like any additional information or advice on how to make your donation to the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2011, please call Jo on 0115 925 2620 or email



2 responses

5 12 2011

What a great charity!!! Thanks for being there for these kids.

6 12 2011

Good to highlight such a worthy initiative, especially with the upcoming Olympics costing billions. Best of luck to all at CP Sport.

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