11 06 2011

It seems barely a week goes by without another ‘business event of the year’ being shouted about before disappearing into a sea of sameness. If you are like me, I’m sure you find it  gets a little difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The danger this presents is that when a new event comes along which really is ground breaking your business might miss it.

Business Prehab 2011 promises to be just such a ground breaking event. Read on to find out more…..

Once in a while, a new event comes along which breaks new ground. Business Prehab 2011 promises to be just such an event.

The concept is a simple one, that of ‘Prehabilitation’, which is taken from the world of sport. But what is Prehabilitation?

In elite sport injury used to be considered a necessary evil, an unavoidable part of pushing the limits without breaking them. When the performer did, injury resulted in the inevitable down-time, rehabilitation and time spent regaining fitness. To an extent, injury still is an unfortunate by-product of training for elite sport however not to the extent it used to be.

Over the last decade leading coaches have looked closely at what measures could be employed in the preparation of sports people which would
reduce the risk of injury thereby opening the door to more consistent, higher quality training and the resulting improvement in performance. The search has been all-encompassing and the modern-day elite performer has not just training but diet, sleep, social life, psychology and more placed under the microscope. One leading football club has even gone so far as examining the positions players sit in when driving!

This whole process of reducing the down-time needed to rehabilitate from injury has become known as Prehabilitation, or Prehab.

So; what is Business Prehab?

It is taking the concept from sport and applying it to business. It is looking now at what can and should be done to avoid problems later. It is
checking the early, often invisible signs, of a sick or merely underperforming business and taking prompt action to return to peak performance. It is also taking healthy companies and ensuring that not only do they stay healthy but they improve that health.

At Cowan Global we are excited by the concept and I am extremely pleased to be among the top quality speakers lined up for the event which takes place at Donington Park on 28th June.

I will be joining global leaders Lloyds TSB and Microsoft on the platform along with international law firm Gateley, leading accountancy Cooper
Parry as well as leading regional brands Octopus PR, The Alternative Board and Redline Digital.

There will be a range of clinics for delegates to attend and a Q&A session with the whole panel plus the opportunity for follow-up questions post-event.

Taking the concept of learning from elite sport further, in addition to myself* the panel will be joined by double Olympic cycling medallist Bryan
Steel who will also deliver the key-note speech.

And Business Prehab 2011 doesn’t just take from sport; it will also give back with all of the event profits going to support local sporting charities in
addition to holding a draw with some fantastic prizes for the winners.

Donington Park, the venue, has been the scene of some legendary sporting performances over the years and they will be adding to the incredible line up by holding a driver awareness talk and putting on their renowned skid pan demonstration for everyone attending. One of the prizes for our prize draw will even offer the lucky winner the opportunity to sit alongside the driver during the demonstration!

In case that little lot isn’t enough for you a buffet lunch and open networking also feature with all of the days speakers being available throughout the lunch and networking session.

Business Prehab 2011 promises to be a truly ground breaking event for businesses with aspirations of high performance.

Oh yes; before I forget, tickets to attend are only £25 and are already on sale on a first come, first served basis. To book, click on the Business Prehab 2011 logo below.

I hope to see you there!

© Jim Cowan, Cowan Global Limited, 2011

Twitter @cowanglobal

 *As well as being a corporate strategy consultant I have a long history within elite sport including coaching a world record holder and acting as a consultant to elite sporting organisations around the world as well as advising world-class events such as the Asian Games.



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