15 12 2010

Reblogged from Gemma Kane’s blog, ‘These Gems of Wisdom’ explaining why Gemma (and now Cowan Global) support Tor’s Christmas Wish…..

Erm… who is Tor?

Well I follow her, Victoria, on Twitter, that is to say I am not a stalker of course! She is @Tor87 and now you can follow her too if you like. She is a really upbeat, attractive and all round lovely girl in her early twenties with a passion for musical theatre and also one who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, who is in dire need of a double lung transplant to regain her quality of life. Tor could easily be my best friend or your sister. She is a person, not a normal person because she is quite extraordinary and has more strength and character in her little pinky than many people I know (I do love you all but I hope you see where I am going with this).

SO! What is Tor’s Christmas wish?

Despite the obvious actually her wish is simple she is not looking for a miracle. She would like 5000 people to sign up to the organ donors list by the end of December. Her wish is not a selfish one, it is also about looking at the bigger picture. The more registered donors, the more likely it is people like Tor don’t have to suffer.

I for one have always thought I would be happy that if either I or loved one were to suffer the inevitable, I would like to help someone in my time of sadness, I just never signed up. I personally always thought that I would cross that bridge when I came to it or I will do it tomorrow, I had good intentions. Oh dear I sound lazy, I’m not, I just always thought that it happened to other people. Well I procrastinate no more! I did it, I registered and it was over so quickly I wasn’t sure I had done it. That is how simple it is.

I am giving my Christmas wishes to Tor this year and would like to support her campaign. I don’t understand how if you can make a positive difference why you wouldn’t? That doesn’t mean you have to sign up, oh no, you can make a positive difference in so many ways.

What can little old you do?

Doing just one of the things on this list will mean you will be doing a good thing that makes a difference. But since you had time to read this little blog, maybe still have half a cuppa to drink and time to spare, go on, do two!

Thanks Gemma and Merry Christmas Tor, we hope you get your wish.



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