27 08 2010
That’s a lot of money!

It’s a figure we’re very proud of. Why? 

2010 is the year that events that have been conceptualised, designed, launched and/or organised by Jim Cowan and Cowan Global broke the £1/4 Billion mark in terms of money raised for charities and good causes. 

The Race for Life was conceptualised, designed and launched by Jim Cowan (photo Heart.co.uk)


It all started in a small way during the mid ‘70s when Jim was a schoolboy and read about the Stoke Mandeville Appeal and its aim to build a national spinal injuries unit near Aylesbury. 

He organised a sponsored 48 hour cycle ride at his school using other students to raise sponsorship money, teachers to promote and parents to do both. The event was a success and Jim was bitten by the bug. 

Fast forward two decades and Jim was running Sporting Chance UK when he came up with the idea of a nationwide series of 5km runs to raise money for and promote the fight against breast cancer. 

One leading charity actually told him the idea would never work but the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK) loved the idea and in Battersea Park in 1994 the Race For Life was born. 

There have been other ideas both big and small, some ideas raising a couple of hundred pounds, others into the thousands and more until in 2010 the £1/4 Billion mark was reached. 

We’re not stopping yet though. 

We’re launching Legends Talking Bollox! through which we aim to raise funds for the fight against testicular cancer. Nationwide we’ll be running sportsmen’s dinners and pub/club nights aimed and using a great night out to raise awareness of a very serious cause starting with football’s original hard man Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris and comedian Mickey Pugh at Arnold Town Football Club in Nottingham on 10th September. Booking details available here

By all talking bollox we can beat testicular cancer


We aren’t stopping there either, there are more events on the horizon, watch this space for details. 

And what of your events and fund raisers? If you want a great event organised by a team with a genuine track record of raising serious funds for charity, why not get in touch? Whether you’re a charity, a community group a business or an individual our expertise could make all the difference. All we ask is that you remember our company ethos for an event; it must be fun, easy to understand and benefit a good cause. 

Here’s to another £1/4 Billion before we’re done! 

© Cowan Global Limited, 2010 


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16 09 2010

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