20 08 2010

….You might not even notice!

It sounds obvious but your strategy should be about achieving your vision and, assuming that vision is realistic; your strategy should be delivering that vision.

Yet when expectations are not met, the strategy is often the last thing put under close examination.

And yet, when creating your strategy, did you consider any of these factors?

Your planning assumes stability

Neither the business environment nor the world offer stability and it is a mistake to assume they will.

Base your strategy on an assumption of stability and things can go wrong very quickly.

Your planning is ‘risk averse’

Many strategies are based on taking small steps forward from the previous year. This neither helps creative thinking nor addresses uncertainty.

Of course, it is essential to consider the past but it is also wise to be prepared to take some risk in approaching the future.

We all know the world offers an environment of constant change and yet we plan as if change is unlikely or even impossible.

Your planning relies on over analysis, lacking intuition

Many strategists have strong analytical skills and understandably rely on this.

Yet many companies which have taken large steps forward, especially in emerging lines of business have done so by applying a good size dollop of intuition and common sense.

Imagine the internet if all planning had been based on analysis of previous experience!

Compliance is not commitment

Top down, imposition management might get the job done, but does it get the job done well and create a sense of ownership among those delivering the strategy?

A committed workforce will always be superior to one just there for the pay check (not that they’ll work for free)!

Management is not leadership

Simplistically, managing is about optimising what you have while leadership is going forward in a certain direction.

‘Resource optimisation’ is hardly an effective way of taking people with you.

Unlike many other strategy consultants, at Cowan Global we believe in helping you develop a strategy which is individually tailored to your needs, to your vision.

We’ll even help you develop that vision if that is needed.

No templates, no ‘rear view mirror’ thinking.

Why not get in touch and see what we can do for you?

© Jim Cowan, Cowan Global Limited 2010


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