WE RECOMMEND ….. Mustard Merchandise

22 05 2010

Here at Cowan Global we believe that when people exceed expectations, when companies go the extra mile, it should be recognised. But how?

Well, we’re going to run an occasional feature in this blog under the title ‘We Recommend’ featuring those who we feel have done a great job. Such a good job infact, that we recommend them to you!

Our first ‘We Recommend’ is Mustard Merchandise of Leicester.

What have Mustard done to deserve this accolade? They’ve saved our bacon and a few quid for charity along the way.

When we needed new polo shirts for the volunteers who help us to run the Scalextric Challenge in support of Help for Heroes we approached a number of companies for quotes receiving one exceptional one which we decided to pursue. Unfortunately they dragged their heels, upped the price and then told us they would not be able to deliver by our deadline.

Beth then volunteered the guys at Mustard as a team who may be our life savers. She contacted them and they agreed to pull all the stops out and produce the polo shirts for us, matching the exceptional price previously quoted by the company which let us down. They also made sure that our original deadline was met and did a brilliant, quality job into the bargain.

Our Scalextric Challenge volunteers will now be suitably kitted out thanks to the guys at Mustard. Why not check them out and see what they can do for you?

Contact Damien Davinson at Mustard.

Tel: 0116 261 6895

Mob: 07921 501388

Email: damien@mustardmerchandise.co.uk

Web: www.mustardmerchandise.co.uk

   Beth models the new Polo shirt which arrived in the nick of time thanks to Mustard.



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